Red Bull: F-1 SHOW RUN Project

January 2023 [富士山 × F1 × 新幹線]

After about 11 years from the conception, the magnificent project of filming the "Mt. Fuji x Shinkansen x F1" collaboration was finally executed.

We are deeply grateful for the cooperation and understanding of the Fuji Police Station, Fuji City Hall, and local residents in clearing the three challenges of public utility, local residents' approval, and safety, and for making the filming possible.

Unfortunately, it rained on the scheduled filming date of the 29th, and we had to give up and take our chances on the 30th. Even on the day, Mt. Fuji appeared for only a few minutes when we were almost giving up, and we succeeded in shooting the "Mt. Fuji x Shinkansen x F1" without missing the chance. The highest speed recorded on that day was 000km/h, and a dynamic run that was not inferior to the speed of the Shinkansen was executed perfectly, safely, and with ample room for safety by a professional racing driver, the world's top team, and machine.


構想から約11年、"富士山×新幹線×F1" のコラボ映像撮影という壮大なプロジェクトが決行されました。




ポイントラグ F-1イベント ポイントラグ F-1イベント ポイントラグ F-1イベント

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